The Autism Networks Resource Centre is situated in the town centre of Crewe, Cheshire close to the library, Lifestyle Centre and police station.

The Centre consists of a lounge, large play area, art room, kitchen, sensory room, ball pool and two large halls.

Autism Networks (A.N) provide safe social space, information and help for people with Autism, their families and carers, giving them the opportunity to find friends and support and to raise awareness amongst our local community. We also help our service users to develop social skills, increase their self confidence and lower their sense of isolation.

We run sessions every week Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings 18:00 to 21:00. Daytime sessions Tuesday 10:00 to 12:30 and Thursday 16:00 to 17:30

All activities are open to all ages, all disabilities and all family members. We DO NOT care for any child or venerable adults they MUST come with support. 

The Multi- Sensory centre is a much needed resource and a first in our area. In the past we have travelled as far as Preston to use such a service. The sensory room are equipped with light, auditory, aromatherapy and tactile sensory equipment and will be suitable for children and adults with special needs where they can explore and develop their senses and skills.

The interactive bubble tubes and fibre optic lights enables individuals to understand the concept of cause and effect whereby they can change the colour of the whole room by pushing large buttons relating to the colour of their choice.

The arts and crafts after school club will enable children to make friendships within a calm and understanding environment. Service users already are isolated from many activities in the local are because of their sensory overload when using leisure activities that are loud, nosy and bright.

The children and young people we provide activities for fall into two categories. 

The first are children and young people that do not have an apparent disability. These individuals try hard to make friends and socialise with others but do not have the skills required to do so. This sometimes leads to them becoming anxious or even as far as becoming depressed.

Others display obsessive, repetitive and ritualistic behaviours. They may be non-verbal which leads to lack of communication and can also lead to misunderstandings and anxiety/ challenging behaviours.

Both of the groups identified above do not fit in to mainstream leisure activities. Parent’s usual feeling they cannot settle when supervising their children; they feel that they are judged as unfit parents. This leads to isolation at home and from the community at large.