Our social group for autistic adults will soon reopen and will be set within  a relaxing space.

This group will start as a small group session and will develop over time.

Eligibility for the group will be anyone diagnosed or suspected to have an
autistic condition.

Age:  18 – 25

Registrations : Membership application can be obtained by emailing
We will send this form out to you at a postal address .

If you require additional information please email and we will be in touch.

Social Group Activities

Most autistic people and their families feel socially isolated. To help
support this we run groups that get together each week that provide members
with opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences. There is a Monday
even drop-in 18:00 to 21:00 where people can come in. There is no real structure
to the drop-ins, but it allows people to meet and chat. Our Social group are
not the only thing we do. Our sessions are facilitated by volunteers, with
members deciding what activities they want to establish.

The sessions for these adults with autistic spectrum disorder to get
together socially is once a month. This will be on the 1st Thursday of each
month (dates to follow)

These groups will be a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and to
welcome new members.

They’re a great way for people to build confidence, make friends and help
with communication skills. It’s is also a way for volunteers to help and support
each other.

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