front shot of the autism networks resource centre

Autism Networks Resource Centre provides, supportive safe and welcoming place for people of all ages on the Autistic Spectrum and their families. The charity achieves this by providing a local community centre situated in the town centre of Crewe, Cheshire close to the library, Lifestyle Centre and police station. The Autism Networks Resource Centre which was locally known as the “Old railway veterans institute” is now own by our Charity. The building was given to our charity 2020 and we will continue to be a great asset for our service users

The charity (1141889) was set up by a group of parents and carers who had experienced the challenges and frustrations of finding somewhere to take their children so they could participate in the wider community. The group identified the need for a place to visit where their children could benefit from taking part in activities whilst being in a relaxing and understanding environment.

The building, Autism Networks Resource Centre which consists of a service users lounge, two large halls, kitchen, sensory room and soon to be opened a community café.

We did close the centre through the pandemic and parts of the community centre remains closed during the much needed revamp.

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