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Autism Networks Resource Centre

In December 2002, Autism Networks (A.N) was established and it remains a parent-led organisation to this day.

In 2002 we put together a survey and a meeting to ask our then service users what they wanted from our service. This sparked off a report which looked at the plans for our future as a service. This included project listed these bullet point below.

  • A Base:- In the short term, renting of adequate office space capable of providing the necessary office space which would provide sufficient scope for expansion of any proposed services.This was achieved very quickly by carrying on the licence to the Imperial Chambers in 2002. This is where we carried on our short-term plan and organising activities such as Dance, Horse Riding, Trips Out Long-term of our plan
  • Resource Centre: - Where persons of all ages who are on the Autistic Spectrum could attend regardless of age and ability, to take part in experiencing arts and crafts and attaining life skills.
  • Information Base: - New contacts should be made either via letter, introductions or use of the internet and computers to introduce and promote our charity, and to let them know exactly what we are doing and what we hope to achieve.
  • Therapy Centre: - Light, sound and tactile equipment being available, needs to be housed with space sufficient for member users and also for staff supervising. Equipment should comply with not only health and safety regulations and electrical standards, but also subject of regular risk assessments.
  • In 2006, when we successfully negotiated a license for the old Railway Veterans Institute building. We took up residence in September of that year however we were mindful of any refurbishment that we did. Then in 20?? The we were given the building to work as we wanted to. Through solicitors Dechert LLP we acquired a 99 year lease for the building.

    From its very small beginnings in 1997, the Organisation has now matured as the only support network of its kind for people with ASD and their families within Cheshire, offering many benefits to those who use the facilities we provide.

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